Months of preparation and development culminated in the week-long CIRCLES experiment on I-24 in Nashville. Thousands of hours went into equipping 100 vehicles with actuation and instrumentation hardware for running specially modified adaptive cruise control technology, designed to fight stop-and-go traffic (also known as phantom traffic jams); recruiting and training drivers on these technologies and experimental protocol; and coordinating a safe field headquarters where around 300 people came and went and the experiment was run.

This was also the debut of the fully-constructed I-24 MOTION testbed. The testbed was designed for general traffic observation and data collection, as well as targeted experiments like CIRCLES that need a full picture of the roadway to understand the many aspects of traffic.

Read about the experiment from Vanderbilt News, Fox 17 news, News Channel 5, and Fortune.

I-24 MOTION presentation to The Eastern Transportation Coalition

I-24 MOTION was honored with the Project of Significance Award from ITS Tennessee at their annual meeting in Memphis. I accepted the awar...… Continue reading